Nemoto Shō was born in 1851. He learned kanseki at age 9,  and Mitogaku at age 12. At age 16, he became an official. He started learning English in Hebon-juku  at age 26, and entered an American elementary school at age 28. He graduated from the University of Vermont at 38.

He then returned to Japan where he became active in politics. He became an executive of shokumin-kyokai and investigated Central America, Brazil, Mexico and India between 1894 and 1895.

At age 47, he became a full fledged politician and influenced the present make-up of Japan. He is not a well-known historical figure in Japan today. But, this brief account of his life shows how dynamic his life was.

This is what I learned by going to Naka-shi Minzoku Shiryō-kan yesterday. There is so much to learn from the museums of Japan. More and more, I realize that a lot of important information has been left out from modern education.



Naka-shi Minzoku Shiryo-kan