There is no magic trick to learning English. Learning another language  takes time. Your brain needs time to process the information. If too much information is forced in a short time, you get board and will not remember what you have learned. Learning takes time. So, be patient.

You have to do learning English regularly. Make a habit of doing it and do it frequently.

Learning another language is a very slow process and it is hard to see the progress. But, do not get discouraged. If you are doing it regularly, be certain that you are making a progress.

How can you learn to love English learning? Look for what might interest you. Then, look for the material. It should be a mix of written, videos and audio material.

If you come across words you are not familiar with, look it up and write them down. Then, later on, test yourself.

Expressing yourself is very important. “What do you think?” Do you have an opinion about something? Learn to express those ideas in English. You could write a short essay or speech in English about something you are passionate about or something true about you that other people might be interested in.

Try to express yourself. Try to use words in conversation and in other contexts. Then, the new words will stick to you.

Balance your learning. Note that there are three processes: learning, observing and practicing. When you learn a new word, you will notice it used in many contexts and appear frequently. After hearing or reading those words being used many times, you feel confident to use them.

So, get into the habit in experimenting and using what you’ve learned. Without practicing, you will never learn.