The imagery used in creation myth of India and Japan is remarkably similar. Here are the simplified creation myths.

Hindu Creation Myth

In the beginning, Hindus believe that Ganga flowed in the heavens, but she was held captive by the creator God, Brahma. Then Brahma decided to send the river Ganga down to earth. As Ganga might drown earth, the God Shiva blocked Ganga’s fall, gathering her waters in her locks of his hair, so she would just open one lock of his hair; and the Ganga flew. She is the mother; because she gives birth to everything.

There is not the first universe, nor will it be the last. When the old universe was destroyed, nothing is left but a ocean. On this ocean, Lord Vishnu rests on a snake. A lotus springs from his navel and Lord Brahma is born. From Lord Brahma all creation comes into being.

Brahma is the creator. There are two different ways he creates people.

The first ways is that Brahma splits himself in two to create male and female. Then he becomes one again to repeat the creation. Animals and insects are created the same way.

The second way is that everything comes from different parts of Brahma’s body. Animals and people come from his mouth, arms, legs and feet.

In one story, it says that a swift wind blows on the ocean and Brahma soothes it. From this, the world is created: the heavens, the sun, the moon.

Brahma watches over the world that is created.

Shiva then is born: he is the destroyer. This is the reason why this is not the first universe and won’t be the last. Shiva destroys the world.

The cycle: every time Brahma sleeps, Shiva destroys the universe. When Brahma awakes the universe is created again. Then again, lord Vishnu is on a vast ocean and lord Brahma springs out from the lotus flower. The pattern is constantly repeating.

Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Sarasvati is the goddess of music, knowledge and arts. She is the wife of Brahma.

Kali is the goddess of death and time.

Parvati is the divine mother. She is also the reincarnation of Shiva’s first wife.

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Ganesh is the god of intellect and remover of obstacle.

Murugan is the god of war.

Surya is the God of the Sun.

The Hindu Trinity (Trimurti) consists of three Gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Japanese Creation Myth

The age of far ancient times, world were created by Gods.

The Kamiyonanayo (神世七代, “Seven Generations of the Age of the Gods”) are the seven generations of kami that emerged after the formation of heaven and earth.

Seven generations of Gods 神世七代:

  1. God of Kuni-no-toko-tachi 国之常立神
  2. God of Toyo-gumonu 豊雲野神
  3. God of U-hi-jini 宇比地邇神; God of Su-hi-jini 須比智邇神
  4. God of Tonu-gui 角杙神; God of Iku-gui 活杙神
  5. God of Oo-tono-ji 意富斗能地神; God of Oo-tono-be 大斗乃弁神
  6. God of O-mo-da-ru 淤母陀琉神; God of Ayakashikone 阿夜訶志古泥神
  7. God of Izanagi 伊邪那岐神; God of Izanami 伊邪那美神

The Age when the world was made. Gods, spent seven generations to create the world. This was when Japan was created.

The last generation formed by Izanagi and Izanami were the couple that was responsible for the creation of the Japanese archipelago (Kuniumi) and would engender other deities (Kamiumi).

Husband God made their three children rule the world.

Highest God is the Sun God, Amaterasu. Sun illuminates and warms every thing on the earth without discrimination.

God of Moonlight, Tsukiyomi, illuminates dark night and guides people.

God of war and bravery,Susano, descends on earth. He beheads Yamata-no-orochi who was troubling people. He saved Princess Kushinada who had been offered as a sacrifice to the Yanata-no-orochi. He took out a sacred sword, Sword of Kusanagi, from the tail of the Yamata-no-orochi. By offering the sword to his sister, Amaterasu, Susano obtained a permission to live on  earth. Susano made Princess Kushinada his wife and governed the people of Tatara (iron industry) in Izumo.

Amaterasu gave three sacred treasures to her grandchild, Niniginomikoto, and send him to the earth to rule there.

Niniginomikoto descended on Takachihonomine of Hyuganokuni (日向国). He thrust the spear onto the summit of the mountain as a proof: “I mark this place where I have descended on”. Three generations after, his grandchild, Kamu-yamato-iware-hiko-no-mikoto starts conquest of the East.

He conquered the East after taking down the king of the tribe of every place. By winning the final battle “The Battle of Yamato,” he completed the conquest.. He held the coronation ceremony in the land of Yamato.

On February 11, 660BC, Emperor Jinmu was enthroned. He, the 6th grandson of Amaterasu, as the highest priest of a Japanese religion, Shintoism, granted his subjects the freedom and equality by considering all of them as his children.

This is how Tenno,  a living deity was born and the Great Empire of Japan,”The Empire of the Sun”, came into being.

The autonomy and the glory of the Empire has been continuing for the last 125 generations over the past 2670 years.